Benning Terrace Community Empowerment Initiative
Benning Terrace Community Empowerment Initiative

HISTORY: Origins of the Safe and Healthy Communities Program
The Safe and Healthy Communities Program had its roots in Benning Terrace when in January, 1997, CNE and a grassroots partner stopped a cycle of murderous violence between warring youth factions.  After a truce was negotiated, a program of employment, life skills, counselling, and other activities was instituted.  The effect on the community was immediate and profound.  As a consequence of this success, CNE exported and helped effective community organizations in other cities adapt this approach.  Now, CNE would like to bring this model of effective change back to Washington, DC, focusing on the program’s point of origin, the Benning Terrace community.

 Mission Statement: BTCEI is a community based non-profit organization that promotes, provides and encourages youth to become responsible and productive indviduals thus helping to stengthen their communities. Our focus is to enhance and develop positive self esteem and self worth in the individual, family and community.
Executive Vision: Formally known as Benning Terrace Youth Opportunity, the Benning Terrace Community Empowerment Initiative was founded in 2002. BTCEI is geared and focused on taking the neighborhood peace initiative to another level. Revitalization, economic development and neighborhood restoration are all empty words unless a community is first educated and stabilized, by fostering a safe enviroment for the children. Over the years, BTCEI has been able to take youth who were formerly destructive, undisciplined and laking social awareness and refine their attitude, making them positve young men and women leading others in the Benning Terrace Community. These former problem makers are now playing a major role in re-shaping both their futures and the future of their community.
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